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Regardless of  the size or class of your office- whether doctors’ offices or related healthcare organization, small business or large university, you are usually dealing with a very  paper-intensive work environment. Even the most efficient office struggles to maintain accurate  records while complying with increasing privacy regulations, and managing the endless maze of regulatory submissions as well as billings. No matter how you look at it, documents – be they physician notes, lab reports, insurance submissions, EOBs and EOPs, or patient bills – are the common denominator for the administrative challenges facing today’s organizations. Add to the mix stringent industry and privacy regulations, as well as the growing need for instant file access, and you’ve uncovered an industry that is mired down by paperwork.

For some, these cumbersome document management challenges and business requirements have become so common and time-consuming that many times result in the loss of time or income for businesses. Places like doctor’s offices may  opt to forgo payment for some services rendered. The reason: they simply do not have the staff available to track contested insurance claims back to the specific patient record for clarification for small amounts. These inefficiencies are why more and more  organizations are turning to document imaging. As a leading provider of affordable document management solutions for small, mid-size and large businesses, FileSave Imaging provides all organizations with a better way of doing business and a smarter means of managing their documents and day-to-day files.
By using FileSave Imaging document management software, organizations like healthcare companies can quickly organize, store, and access records in a secure, searchable database. Nurses can instantly call up complete patient charts and office managers can quickly locate and e-mail documentation needed by insurance companies to clarify refused claims in seconds. With FileSave, managing documents and providing better service is simple, fast and affordable.
FileSave Imaging helps groups get organized. Each day the number of documents created, referenced and stored grows exponentially. As a result, electronic document management solutions are no longer a luxury, but a necessity for offices of all sizes.
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