Is FileSave Imaging Right for you?

ComputerFileSave Imaging specializes in document scanning, document indexing, document hosting, and file destruction in addition to full project management. How do you know if our services would work for your project or your business?

Do you have a great deal of paper files taking up too much space? If so, then you could benefit from our document scanning program, which turns your papers into searchable PDF files. We will scan your documents either on site at your business or at our facility – the choice is yours.

Do you have a large amount of unorganized or uncategorized files on your business’s network? Document indexing allows you to quickly and accurately retrieve your documents and images based on unique identifiers such as a file type, customer number, customer name, and invoice number. This increases your efficiency by eliminating the need to perform time consuming and inaccurate searches.

If your electronic files contain a great deal of confidential information, then we can provide a document hosting service for your business. This provides a secure access point so that only allowed users can view the files. The hosting service can also include security monitoring.

If your confidential information is stored on paper files in your office, then we can convert the files and perform document destruction to eliminate the hard copies of the confidential information.
If you’re a business owner, consider these services as a way to build a more secure, more efficient office. Peace of mind and organization are two of the most important factors in a productive workspace. Give us a call today at 732-828-8080 for your free personalized assessment!

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